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苏州MSocial酒店正式开业 千禧国际酒店集团旗下生活方式酒店品牌中国首店亮相

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摘要苏州M Social酒店设有三间各具特色的餐厅和酒吧,为客人提供难忘的用餐体验。 空中大厅位于酒店25层,宾客可将苏州繁华的城市景观...

原标题:苏州MSocial酒店正式开业 千禧国际酒店集团旗下生活方式酒店品牌中国首店亮相

配备294间豪华客房的苏州M Social酒店,坐落于苏州工业园区的城市综合体丰隆城市中心

The 294-room luxury M Social Suzhou is located in Hong Leong City Centre,

an integrated development within Suzhou Industrial Park. (high-res image here)

Singapore, 26 April 2023 – The bold and stylish brand, M Social is marking its maiden foray in China with the opening of M Social Suzhou today (26 April). The 294-room luxury lifestyle hotel is the first and flagship M Social-branded property in China, signalling a move for expansion in the Greater China region.

2023年4月26日,苏州M Social 酒店隆重揭幕,标志着先锋时尚酒店品牌 M Social的中国首秀。酒店配备294间豪华客房,是M Social在中国的首家旗舰酒店,见证集团在大中华地区的全力扩张。

M Social is the lifestyle brand of global hotel group, Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR), and the brainchild of property-hotel veteran MHR Executive Chairman Mr Kwek Leng Beng. It was first launched in Singapore in 2016 to cater to the young, ‘brave’ and social media savvy.

M Social 是千禧国际酒店集团旗下的生活方式酒店品牌,亦是集团主席郭令明先生的绝妙创意。首家M Social酒店于2016年在新加披揭幕,致力于满足年轻勇敢、精通社交媒体的人群的需求。

With the opening of M Social Suzhou, the brand now has five physical locations including Singapore, Auckland, New York and Paris. It also has a virtual hotel, M Social Decentraland, marking MHR the world’s first hospitality group to enter the metaverse.

目前全球共有五家M Social酒店,除新开业的苏州M Social酒店外,其余分别位于新加坡、奥克兰、纽约和巴黎。该品牌还拥有一家虚拟酒店M Social Decentraland,标志着千禧国际酒店集团成为全球首家进驻元宇宙的酒店集团。

Location of M Social Suzhou


M Social Suzhou is located in the heart of Hong Leong City Center (HLCC) in the central part of Suzhou Industrial Park, a China-Singapore cooperative high-tech park to drive innovation with emerging, high-end industries. HLCC is an iconic integrated development by CDL China, a subsidiary of MHR’s parent, international property giant City Developments Limited (CDL).

苏州M Social酒店坐落于丰隆城市中心,位于苏州工业园区核心地带。苏州工业园区是中国和新加坡合作的高科技园区,以新兴高端产业推动中国的创新和改革。丰隆城市中心是由城市发展(中国)有限公司打造的极具标志性的城市综合体,该公司隶属于千禧国际酒店集团母公司——国际房地产巨头城市发展有限公司。

M Social Suzhou occupies a prime location by Jinji Lake, adjacent to Times Square, Jiu Guang Department Store, Eslite Spectrum, Ferris Wheel Park and other shopping and commercial centres. It is also a short walk away from the Suzhou International Expo Center and Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre.

苏州M Social酒店坐拥金鸡湖畔绝佳位置,毗邻时代广场、久光百货、诚品生活、苏州摩天轮公园以及其他时尚购物商业中心,步行可达苏州国际博览中心及苏州文化艺术中心,交通便利、景色宜人。

An Experience to Remember


With interiors designed by renowned architect KCA International, M Social Suzhou is designed with the aim for guests to gather and share experiences in an inclusive and relaxed environment.

苏州M Social酒店的室内设计由著名设计师事务所KCA国际操刀,致力于让宾客聚集一起,分享自我,构建一个包容轻松的平台。

The custom-made brass floor, inlaid with the pattern of a garden path, guides guests to the elevator halls. Dynamic electronic art screens and changing lighting effects on the digital art ceiling form a rich visual experience and showcase the hotel’s vibrant personality. The industrial

chic style of the lower-level lobby is carried over to the sky lobby on the 25th floor, with its open layout featuring cloud-pattern panels, a concrete-framed chandelier, and exposed metal grills.

定制的黄铜地板镶嵌出园林小径的图案,指引着客人通往左右两个电梯大厅。生动的电子艺术画荧幕,及变幻莫测的数字艺术天花板,无一不展现着酒店的与众不同和特立独行。低层大堂的工业时尚概念亦延续到了 25 层的空中大堂。空中大堂采用开放式布局,并设有可移动的云纹面板,混凝土框架的特色吊灯以及外露的金属格栅。

Ranging from 40 to 409 square metres (sqm), all 294 guestrooms and suites are aesthetically designed with picturesque views of Jinji Lake and the Eastern Gate of Suzhou. Guests staying at the hotels 409 sqm Mega Cool Suite will be awed by its 270-degree breathtaking view of Jinji Lake and luxurious furnishings, a 75-inch ultra-high-definition TV, an impressive open bathroom, as well as a large kitchen and bar.

酒店拥有294 间摩登艺术的客房,客房面积从40 至409 平方米不等,宾客可观赏到金鸡湖湖景及苏州东方之门景观,将苏州之美尽收眼底。其中,超格调套房占地409 平方米,配有75寸超高清壁挂式电视、温馨的开放式浴室、大型厨房及吧台等豪华设施,客人可俯瞰270 度金鸡湖湖景,尽显摩登活力的氛围。。

M Social Suzhou also offers 728 sqm of ballroom space which can accommodate social and business events of different sizes, a 1,200 sqm fitness centre, a swimming pool and a spa.

酒店宴会厅总面积达728 平米,可容纳各种不同规模的社交及商务活动。此外,酒店还配备1200 平方米的健身中心,泳池及SPA。

Delectable Dining with Views to Match


The hotel has three restaurants and bars, each with its unique features to offer guests a memorable dining experience.

苏州M Social酒店设有三间各具特色的餐厅和酒吧,为客人提供难忘的用餐体验。

Located on the 25th floor, the Beast & Butterflies Restaurant presents a panoramic view of Suzhous bustling cityscape. Guests can interact with the chef in the open kitchen as he whips up recipes from around the world, combining highlights of Chinese and Western cuisine with traditional Suzhou and Southeast Asian flavours.

野地花园餐厅位于 25 层,可欣赏苏州繁华城市景观。餐厅搭配休闲开放式厨房,客人可目睹厨师现场烹饪,近距离与厨师互动。厨艺精湛的主厨以其卓越的烹饪艺术集中西之所长,兼容了苏州传统及东南亚特色风味,带宾客领略美食文化的魅力。

The Beast & Butterflies Bar, with its open seat plan, offers exquisitely crafted afternoon tea as well as various types of tea and aromatic coffee brewed by the hotels tea sommelier. In the evening, diners can enjoy DJ and band performances while soaking in the magnificent city landscape.

野地花园酒吧采用开放式座位设计,提供私家定制的精美下午茶点,酒店茶艺师精心泡制的各类茗茶和芳香馥郁的调制咖啡。夜晚时分,宾客可享受DJ 和乐队表演,在音乐与美酒的氛围中欣赏秀丽的城市风光。

Guests can also savour Chinese cuisine classics at the Canton 8 Chinese Restaurant, with five floral-themed private rooms for larger groups.


Expanding the M Social Brand

M Social品牌持续扩张

“The M Social brand is about creativity, connection, and exciting possibilities. Often known as the “Venice of the East” for its quaint water canals and bridges around the city, we selected Suzhou as the launch pad for our first M Social hotel in China due to the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity. The hotel is designed to reflect this vibrant juxtaposition. It offers guests a fresh and luxurious experience with state-of-the-art technology, and our bespoke M Social service,” said Mr Kwek Leng Beng, Executive Chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited.

千禧国敦酒店有限公司主席郭令明先生表示,“M Social这个酒店品牌充满创意,沟通人际,具有令人兴奋的无限可能。苏州因其古朴的运河和环绕城市的桥梁被称为 "东方威尼斯",我们选择苏州作为进驻中国第一家M Social酒店的目的地,正是因为这个城市具有传统与现代结合的独特氛围。酒店设计亦完美体现出传统与现代相结合而迸发的活力。我们配备前沿的技术与定制化品牌服务,旨在为宾客提供全新的奢华体验。”

Mr Kwek is also the Executive Chairman of Hong Leong Group, of which MHR and its parent, Singapore-listed property giant City Developments Limited (CDL) are members. Hong Leong Group is one of Asia’s largest and most successful conglomerates.


MHR plans to grow the brand in more physical locations including London, New York, Sunnyvale, Phuket and key cities in the Middle East.

千禧国际酒店集团计划在未来继续扩张M Social 品牌,开拓在伦敦、纽约、森尼韦尔、普吉岛以及中东核心城市的全新版图。


All 294 rooms and suites are luxuriously designed with panoramic views of Jinji Lake and the Eastern Gate of Suzhou.

Pictured here is the Magnificent Suite.*


Located on the 25th floor, the sky lobby of M Social Suzhou offers a spectacular view of the bustling city of Suzhou.*


Located on the 25th floor, the

Beast & Butterflies Restaurant is a natural lifestyle concept that combines Chinese and Western cuisines with traditional Suzhou and Southeast Asian flavours.*


The Beast & Butterflies Bar with its open seat plan offers is a café by day and a lounge with live DJ and band performances at night.*


The Canton 8 Chinese Restaurant inherits the classics of Chinese cuisine. Named after flowers, there are five different Chinese floral-themed private rooms.*


M Social Suzhou offers 729 sqm ballroom space that can be arranged to accommodate all events of different sizes.*

酒店配备729 平方米大宴会厅,可安排各种不同规模的活动。返回搜狐,查看更多